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Great movie, and true, but wouldn't a turkey be GLAD to know people don't care about thanksgiving?

(I loved the detail, btw.)

Sh0T-D0wN responds:



One of THE most experimental things I've ever seen. Very cool!

MorrowDays responds:



Very cool! It's hard to believe you did that all in flash....... Did you?

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Very hard to understand

I know it might make sense to you because you were the one to made this, but this flash is not user friendly and that's why you're getting a relatively low score. If you added a little more work to the interface it might serve as a useful tool, right now people are just getting scared off from complexity.


I love the ripple effects! Fun game overall.


I think you just modified a tutorial on a web site. I remember seeing something exactly like this without irrelevant music and horrible bg graphics...

iamrunegecko responds:

i used a TUT to make this.. i do not RIP any FLA's from the web...

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Nice one!

I love it all! The back story was touching, the recording was great, and the song altogether reminds me of the music they put in the background for dramatic montages. Amazing work and tell your dad the same! *Two thumbs up*

You almost got it

This is probably my favorite song in sonic games and you made a pretty good remake so kudos for that. But I have noticed, maybe I'm wrong, but I think the note at exactly the start of 0:22 and others like it should be transposed +1 if you are going for the original melody. Also, try spicing it up next time with some dynamic filters and/or effects on the synths. Great job otherwise.

Ookami-Kun responds:

Thanks for noticing that, you're right - it's been fixed now ;)

I'll take your suggestions into account, I'm fairly new to using FL Studio (past 2 months or so), so this stuff is just mainly me messing about.

Pretty cool!

So you used Reason, eh? What was the final synthesizer count by type. I bet a majority of them if not all were Maelstroms. Cool song, let us see how short it will take the first flash to use this song to be submitted.

I make music. ^_^

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